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Updated March 26th 2009
What programs where included in the ARRA that the Crime Commission administers? Violence Against Women Formula funds (VAWA)
Victims of Crime Act – Assistance and Compensation (VOCA)
Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) - Formula funds only

Has this money been received by Nebraska?
Yes. The VOCA, CVR, VAWA STOP and State JAG ARRA funds have been awarded to the State of Nebraska. The federal offices have released the award documents and Nebraska is working on getting all the documentation processed. At this time most guidelines for the federal funds were about 2 -3 pages long and with the ARRA funds the guidelines have increased to be as long as 13 to 14 pages. Currently there are still many guidelines that are being developed and or interpreted at the federal level.

Total amount available to award: $ 587,100

Total amount available: $15,663

Total amount available to award: $ 1,095,462

JAG- State Formula Funds
Total amount available to award: $7,414,211 (State $2,684,677, Local $4,729,534)

If there are grant applications available where would I look?
On the Nebraska Crime Commission website there is a Grant Information Link. Within that page you will find an area for Grant Announcements and Applications. All our applications will be posted on the website.
If you are interested in competitive, discretionary or additional grant directly related to a federal office please go to the federal websites. If you wish to apply for those grants you will need to apply directly to the federal agency. The Nebraska Crime Commission is not involved with the process for those grants.

OJP:Discretionary Grant Applications
COPS Office:Funding
USDOJ: OVW Open Solicitations

Is it known what will be funded and what cannot be funded for the main programs in the ARRA?
These funds will need to remain focused on the similar items that the normal fiscal year funds support. If you are interested in a program please look at past grant application instructions to help gain an idea of what can be funded. At this time all the additional guidelines for these programs have not been released.

However, it is very clear there will be specialized reporting required for all those receiving the funds. It is very important to consider all the requirements when applying for funds.

Information is mentioned in the ARRA that programs need a DUNS number. Is this true? Even if we aren’t applying directly to a federal office, but to the Nebraska Crime Commission for these ARRA funds?
Yes. Any agency applying and receiving ARRA funds needs to have a DUNS number and will have to register that number with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR). If your agency does not have a DUNS number, which is a unique nine-digit number, you will need to take the steps to get one. This identified will be used to track all recipients of the funds. To obtain a DUNS number you can call 1-800-705-5711 or apply online at Once you have a DUNS number you will need to register that with the CCR. If you have ever submitted an application on you will already be registered. However, you must update or renew the registration at least once per year to maintain an active status. To register or update go to

Should I wait to get a DUNS number or register with the CCR until I start filling out an application?
No. This process can take several weeks so you will want to take action now if you are even thinking about applying for any ARRA funds.

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